FROM A RIDERS MOUTH By BIKERS CLUB RIDERS who visited from Pune "Knight Riderz Riding Club". It was totally awesome & different experience all together, riding a bike on off barren and riding ATV's on this kind of a track is totally different, I definitely recommend this place to off riding lovers. - Bharat Vatsa The entire scenario is awesome, never imagined that we would have such amazing tracks to ride our bikes and ride ATV's. We thought we were off roaders but now we understood what is extreme off roads means. If you could ride on this track then you can ride anywhere in the world. - Shohrat Amazing tracks, amazing property, great place to stay and the food is awesome too, one day is not enough. - Ujjvala I did many off roads including "spiti-killar kishwat" but this is the best, I can't imagine a better off road than this. - Mayur Extreme off road, it's the complete package of biking and a ATV rides. - Umesh If you think you are off road rider then I challenge you to ride here, I fell down many times and almost fainted and I could not complete the track but I will come back and try again. It's not form faint hearted riders. - Gopal If you have some enthusiasm, passion for riding, for biking, for off roading, anything that you would want to do on bikes, this is the place. - Eimran It's the complete package for riders and a family as well. - Chetan I could not complete in first attempt but then somehow I managed to complete it. - Aniket