Is riding motorcycles passion or fashion ? MY POINT OF VIEW BY RAHUL MEHTA FOUNDER | CEO | EDITOR OF BIKERS CLUB & MAGAZINE Is riding motorcycle really a passion ? NO, according to me riding is not just passion, it's about meeting your soul, about talking to yourself, with every twist and turn on the road, with cool breeze hitting your face, you feel freedom, you forget your stress, like a bird in the sky especially when your are riding solo, it's kind of a meditation, but when you are riding in the group, it brings more discipline and brotherhood, you know your destination but knowing your destination with knowing your soul makes difference and thats what i mean biking. Passion - always comes from within and if you say you are passionate for something that means you really know yourself, knowing yourself means knowing your dreams, knowing your dreams means knowing your destination and it takes lots of GUTS and EFFORTS to follow your dreams to achieve it. So if you think you are passionate rider than ask yourself "are you really following your dreams" ? I know many of you won't agree with my logic but for me riding motorcycle is like following my dreams. Fashion - is never constant unless you yourself have created it. There are many riders who think they are riders but according to me they lack passion and discipline, they are just wannabes, it's just they bought a new bike and now they want to impress the world surrounded them. If you are a passionate rider then fashion follows you. A rider never follows a fashion but fashion follows him / her. There's a saying "once a rider, always a rider" but I correct this quote and say " once a passionate rider, always sets a new trend and remains a rider".