CURRENT AFFAIRS IS 10 % RESERVATION ON ECONOMIC GROUND GOOD OR BAD ? "The Scheduled Cast has to be effaced we have paralysed their mind set, because they know altogether from our society, and if it is to be they will get reservation in everything in every field. Now effaced, those who have ceased to be this has come to an that extend, people are taking untouchables and sit amongst us must cease to efforts to put them in to reservation category. With this forget they are untouchables. We are now to attitude I regret to say "we are regressive not begin again. So let us forget these sections and progressive". cross-sections and let us stand as one, and It is observed that many reserved people are in fact together. - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel millionaires and still they are enjoying reservation and they take pride in it because they know our entire There were differences between Sardar Patel and politics and political parties fights elections on caste- B R Ambedkar regarding the reservation on caste-creed creed basis. But now question is, did this reservation basis, we all know it, history says that, but I don't want to actually help any poor ? The answer is NO. The poor is get in to that debate. still poor in our country, what these politicians do in all these years ? Did they make any proper policies to In my opinion reservation is a cancer to the nation, no generate employment ? NO, they just want to talk about country can progress if their citizens running after it. In all these years they have ignored deserving people reservations, because of reservation system in India the and all these people are now working in NASA, talent is going out of the country, it's not that they don't GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT and so not, other have patriotism or they don't want to contribute to the countries and corporates have progressed with our nation building, it's just they don't get opportunity to brains and here we are still fighting for reservation participate and those who get it, they don't deserve it, instead of progress and opportunities in our country. I they are just there because of reservation. strongly believe people of India has to rise up, they Imagine a teacher, teaching students in government have to think about their progress and govt. has to school but his/her own academics were poor, just make some policies on economic grounds to empower because of reservation he/she got the teacher job in the youth and reservation has to be given then it should govt. school. I can go on with many examples but here be on economic basis and I welcome the decision of point is that when will we rise above from reserving to central govt. of 10% reservation in general category on the deserving ? economic basis. This is one of the starting point to end I am not against of ST,SC and OBC people, they should caste-creed politics, I know this isn't enough but we are get equal chance in everywhere but there should be a 1.5 billion diversified population in terms of economics, willingness to do something, by giving them reservation so this step will give some relief to deserving people. - anonymous