SHOUT OUT Why it is crucial to wear a helmet while Riding a Motorcycle?  ALWAYS  Wear a helmet while motorcycling..  WASHINGTON D.C. (USA): Turns out, helmet use is associated with reduced risk of cervical spine injury during motorcycle crashes. According to a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, during an accident, helmet use lowers the likelihood of cervical spine injury (CSI), particularly fractures of the cervical vertebrae, despite the claims that helmets do not protect the cervical spine during a motorcycle crash and may even increase the risk of injury. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates, wearing helmets saved the lives of 1859 motorcycle riders in 2016; an additional 802 lives could have been saved if every motorcyclist had worn them. Wearing a helmet decreases the incidence and severity of traumatic brain injury during crashes. What then are the objections to universal laws requiring motorcycle helmet use? Major reasons cited for not requiring helmets while riding a motorcycle include freedom of choice, avoiding any limitation on vision, and perceived increased risk of receiving a cervical spine injury (CSI).