Do a monthly check: Perform these tasks every month or every 1000 kms (600 miles) whichever is sooner. Check the spark plugs, clean and adjust or replace; anything other than a light / medium brown deposit may indicate problems. Check control cables, adjust for free play. Check idle speed, adjust as necessary. Lubricate control lever pivots. Do a semi-annual review: Check these items twice a year, or every 5000 kms (3000 miles) whichever is sooner. Adjust carburettor synchronisation - if applicable. Check overflow pipes, replace any that are blocked or missing. Perform quarterly maintenance: Check these once every three months, or 2500 kms (1500 miles) whichever is sooner. Change the oil and filter. Change the air filter. Check wheel and handle head bearings and grease them, replace if necessary. Check the exhaust system for leakage. Do annual maintenance: Complete these checks every year or every 10,000 kms (6000 miles) whichever is sooner. Do all the above half-yearly maintenance tasks. Replace spark plugs. Check suspension linkages for play, replace linkage, bearings, and bushes as necessary. BY BHARAT VATSA an avid rider