MAINTAINING YOUR BIKE SOME KEY POINTERS Check some basics on your bike every day, or every time you read: To perform this kind of regular check / maintenance, you should: Check the fuel level every day to confirm you're not leaking any fuel. Check all your fluid levels - oil, brake and coolant, if applicable. Check the throttle cable play. Confirm smooth operation and that it returns properly to the closed position. Check handle lock and and lever notches for any uneven feel or interference with the operation of any cables at full lock. Check brake pedal play, as specified in your motorcycle's manual. Confirm the wear lining indicator is within usable range. Check drive chain slack, as specified in your manual. Check your lights and horn. Check the clutch lever play. Ensure both bike stands return to their fully upright position. Check the correct inflation pressure in both tyres. Make sure you have adequate tyre thread depth and no cracks or splits. Adjust the rear viewing span of mirror if needed. Ensure kill switch functionality. Check brake hoses for chafing or leakage. Do weekly maintenance: Take care of these checks weekly or every 200 kms (125 miles), whichever is sooner. Check oil level - does it require topping- up ? Top up if so. Check your tyre pressure with an accurate gauge. Check the battery. If it's not maintenance-free, then check the electrolyte level and top up with distilled water if necessary. Check the control cables. Lubricate it as necessary. Check the brakes. Pads and disks should be checked for wear and replaced if necessary. Check and top-up your fluids. Adjust the drum brakes as necessary. Do a full visual inspection. Check for loose nuts and bolts and spokes. Check for fork seal leaks and any other oil leaks.