from a Maintain your bike's battery: Do periodic maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free battery life. Top up the battery with distilled water, whenever required. Examine for any leakages from the battery. Keep the battery fully charged if the motorcycle is not used for long time. Maintain your brakes: Keep both the brakes holding the tyre properly spaced. Brakes becoming too tight, or too loose, can be very dangerous. Tighten the brakes as per your personal style and requirement. Replace the bike's brake pads in the front if screeching sound persist; this could also be because of a lack of oil. Replace all the front and rear brake oil with recommended (DOT 3/4/5) specification. Check the fork and fork oil: Change your bike's fork oil. for once in every 12,000 kms (7,500 miles). Check forks and spring for rust or damage. Adjust your fork according to your preferences and comfort. biker ' s mouth Check the sprockets: Replace them when necessary. The usual wear-out limit for sprockets is 40,000 kms (25,000 miles). Change both the driving and driven sprockets, and the chain, at the same time. It's not recommended to change only one part.