FROM A BIKER'S MOUTH HOW TO MAINTAIN A MOTORCYCLE Lots of people get a little lazy about motorcycle Check and top up or replace engine oil: It maintenance over time. To keep your bike in good lubricates your gears and engine; not changing the running condition, periodic maintenance is extremely engine oil will cause damage to the engine. The important. Maintaining your bike regularly helps it to owner's manual will specify how frequently the oil perform at it's peak and ensures that you can enjoy should be changed and this schedule should be safe, problem-free riding. A lot of the basic servicing followed. jobs are easy enough to do yourself. Check for any possible oil leakages. Carbon deposits Check the tyre condition regularly: You should thicken the oil, creating a drag in the movement of change the tyres when you notice a change in the engine. Avoid running your bike on dirty oil. It will way the bike handles, as specified by local increase the consumption of fuel and drastically legislation, or at the very latest when the thread is reduce the engine life. worn down to the wear bars. Under-inflated tyres will overheat and may fail. Over-inflated tyres will give less than optimal grip. Always keep the air filter clean: Dusty conditions in particular will clog up the filter in very little time. Always change the air filter at recommended Ideally, check tyre pressure before and after every journey. Commit to a weekly checking routine. Replace the tyres if there is rapid pressure loss. Replace when tyre is about 1.59mm (2/32'' or 0.063 inches) thread remaining all around the tyre. Don't wait till tyres go bald. Always change tyres in sets. Both tyres go through the same stresses and rigors of road riding. intervals; increase the cleaning frequency in particularly dusty conditions. Adjust the clutch correctly as needed: It should have the right amount of free play. Don't tighten your clutch too much - an over- tightened clutch may cause it to slip without your noticing. It also leads to increase in fuel consumption. Make sure you have the right clutch adjustments in place.