06 NOTIFICATION General & Broadcast. FEATU RES 01 NAVIGATION 07 Bikers suggestion & Group suggestion. 08 09 03 COMMUNICATION 10 11 05 SEARCH TRENDING GROUPS Top 10 trending groups according to kms travelled by group members. PROFILE DP, cover photo, add bikes, kms counter, view my old post & blogs. MY GROUPS Create your own group Or join any existing group. Voice Chats 04 KILOMETER LOGS SOLO navigation logs, MyTrip logs, Group Trip logs & Offline kms logs. SOCIAL NETWORK Wall, status, photos, pit stop, blogs, HiFive, badges, comments, hashtags, share, camera & gallery, share to external apps SOS Emergency service in case of accidents, bad weather, bike breakdown, harassment & call police. One can add up to 3 numbers of theirs for emergency contact. SOLO, MyTrip, Group Trip and Offline 02 FRIENDS 12 UTILITIES Reminders to renew Insurance, PUC, Oil change and Tyre change, one can set up the reminders. Normal & Advance search for bikers near you. ...and many more yet to come