What is bikers club ? BC is a social network platform for all the bikers who loves riding bikes, be it passionate riders, commuters, long distance riders, super bike riders or economic bike riders. BC does not only believes in bikers brotherhood / sisterhood but also believes in community of bikers who are known by their passion for bikes and their love for rides, no matter what they ride, as long as they are bikers they can be a member of BIKERS CLUB. Also BC gives periodical offers wherein users can ride their bikes and earn cash backs or rewards. Why we need a social network like bikers club ? As we all know we have giants in social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, riders share their rides on both the platforms then why we need bikers club ? Being a biker myself I found out biking is just not only about rides and bikes but it's a lifestyle which needed to be explored more and for that we not only require social network platform but also we need features which is designed dedicatedly for bikers. I know it's a niche community but this niche community is bigger than any other niche and many tech giants have neglected this community, thats why we need bikers club which provides social network platform including riding features in it. How does it work and what makes it different than other platforms ? It's simple like other social networking platforms, just download the app and register, create your profile, add your bike which you ride, thats it. but it has few added biking features which makes it different from any other social network platform. Also BC provides periodically PAYTM CASH every month for 10 days, you ride you bike and earn paytm cash in your paytm wallet. BC has tie up with ambulance and police headquarters of 150 countries, in case of emergency you have to push SOS button in the app, and as per your pre added contact numbers the SMS will be delivered to them with map location, so that they can come and help you out. There are many other features currently under development which will be launched or updated soon.