social network and bikers club What is social network ? As we all know, in the times of Facebook and Instagram After internet live feeds and connectivity reached to a next this question is irrelevant but to define, it is the network of level, i don't need to explain that, we all are experiencing social interactions and personal relationships. It is a this today. dedicated website or a mobile application which enables users to communicate with each other sharing images, We need social network because of globalisation, global videos, status and whereabouts, friends can see it, share it trade, to tap in to global market and more of all person to and respond to it. person connectivity, yes of course mobile plays a big role in but without internet and social apps mobile phones are Social network platforms represents the lifestyle of people, useless. like what they do, their interest etc etc.. in simple words it's the platform to show off and showcase your lifestyle as well as to peep in to your friends lifestyle. What is the future of social network ? The future is niche social network. In current digital Why we need social network ? revolution era, data is king, and those who have specific targeted data then they will create wonders. In support of With this internet era, life is changing quickly. Let's put it this AI, AR and VR is coming and also IOT's as well. this way, before and after internet. combination of these all will lead us to 4th digital industrial Before internet world seems very far away, one could not revolution. see or hear about happenings in other countries and one's own country, i mean to say there were no live feeds and connectivities excepts for news papers and televisions.