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J • Curious Rabbit Garden Statue This adorable little bunny is curious a bout his surroundings. Perfect for your garden, yard or front porch, this charming statue features finely detailed fur and captivating brown eyes. Polyresin and stone. 4¾" x 5" x 9¼" high. 10016953 $14.95 J K • Nibbling Squirrel Garden Statue K A tasty acorn is the perfect snack for this bushy-tailed squirrel. This statue’s gorgeous details and charming pose will make your garden or yard a cheerier place to relax. Polyresin and stone. 6½" x 3¼" x 6¾" high. 10016954 $14.95 L L • Curious Squirrel Garden Statue This curious little squirrel is surveying his surroundings in search of a delicious snack! Beautifully detailed and charmingly sweet, this statue will make your garden or porch even more enjoyable. Polyresin and stone. 7" x 3¼" x 6" high. 10016955 $14.95 M M • Curious Bunny Garden Decor Place this darling sculpture in your garden and delight in his realistic details, from his subtle coloring to his fine fur. The base looks like a freshly dug hole in your yard. Polyresin and stone. 5½" x 5½" x 6¼" high. 10016128 $13.95 N N • Peek-A-Boo Garden Bunnies Decor Two curious bunnies have popped into your yard to see what’s going on! This fun little outdoor accent piece features a mound of dirt with two tiny bunnies peeking out. Polyresin and polystone. 6½" x 5½" x 6" high. 10017884 $16.95 P O GARDEN WHIMSY Sweet woodland creatures brighten up your décor! O • Garden Sitting Bunny Statue This sweet little bunny rabbit is taking a break from hopping around your yard! You’ll love this adorable statue and his beautiful details as it sits still in your yard or garden. Polyresin and polystone. 6¼" x 4¼" x 6¾" high. 10017885 $11.95 P • Standing Bunny Statue Fill your garden with cuteness! This adorable bunny figurine is standing up to catch the scents in your yard, and you’ll love catching a glimpse of him each time you’re outside. He has amazing details that make him look real! Polyresin and polystone. 4⅜" x 3" x 8" high. 10017886 $12.95 7