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fantasy becomes reality... E • White Unicorn Figurine This glorious creature will grace your table or shelf, bringing elegance and a hint of magic to your home. This beautiful white unicorn has a shimmering blue mane with a golden horn, and walks among rocks with blooming flowers. Polyresin. 7½" x 2¼" x 6½" high. 10017949 $16.95 F • Unicorn Crystals Figurine Enchant your living space with this mythical and magical figurine. A beautiful white unicorn with a golden horn and pink mane and tail strides through a magical land that’s filled with crystals and flowers. Polyresin. 8" x 2¼" x 6⅜" high. 10017521 $19.95 I E H H • Garden Fairy Mini Snow Globe This little snow globe is simply delightful. A pink fairy and her trusty unicorn sit in a grassy field and when you gently shake, they’re surrounded by swirling sparkles. Polyresin, glass and water. 2½" x 2½" x 3¼" high. 10018441 $7.95 I • New! Prancing Unicorn Snow Globe Give the gift of enchantment with our free spirited unicorn snow globe. Softly colored floating sparkles have a relaxing effect when it's turned upside down. You’re never too old to enjoy a snow globe. Polyresin, water and glass. 2½" x 2½" x 3¼" high. 10018598 $7.95 J G G • New! Mother and Baby Unicorn Figurine Side by side this mother and baby are in perfect harmony. Finely painted with pink and gold details, this spirited pair prance in the open green meadows. It’s an enchanting gift for fairy art collectors and enthusiasts. Polyresin. 4¾" x 3" x 6" high. 10018599 $16.95 J • Magical Unicorn Mug This beautiful collector’s mug is the perfect gift for any lover of myth and legends. It has a stainless steel mug interior decorated with polyresin exterior that features the bust of white unicorns and a handle that’s sculpted to look like a unicorn’s mane. Polyresin and stainless steel. Hand wash only. 6" x 3½" x 4⅛" high. 10018045 $16.95 s s The products in this catalog meet applicable FDA requirements. The following notice is provided in compliance with California Proposition 65, and applies only to the specific items noted. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. 23