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B Glow in-the-dark. C Glow in-the-dark. Glow in-the-dark. A D A • Sun and Moon Glowing Stepping Stone The sun and moon, together in harmony, are both a welcome presence in your garden or yard. This cool polyresin stepping stone features the sun and a yellow crescent moon, along with a few yellow stars. The moon and stars will glow at night after soaking up some sunlight during the day. Polyresin. 10¼" x 10¼" x ½" thick. 10017956 $17.95 B • Celestial Glow-In-Dark Stepping Stone Lovely by day, and magical by night— place this celestial plaque in a sunny spot to enjoy a beautiful glow-in-the-dark moon and stars image! Polyresin. 10½" x 10½" x ½" thick. 39697 $17.95 E 10 C • Bursting Sun Glowing Stepping Stone Friends are the sunshine in the garden of life! This cool garden stepping stone features a bright yellow sun that soaks up sunlight by day and then glows by night. It’s made from durable polyresin and will be the perfect addition to your garden path. Polyresin. 10¼" x 10¼" x ½" thick. 10017958 $17.95