Big Value Book_Fall 2018 BigValueBook_Fall18 - Page 29

Birdhouses G H I J K L 95 up! $14 and G • Hot Dog Birdhouse The birds will love this charming food truck that will welcome them home with bright colors. You’ll love looking out on the delightful accents of this hot dog food truck as it hangs from your favorite backyard tree. Eucalyptus wood and plastic. 10¼" x 7" x 8" high. 10017329 $19.95 H • Fire Station Birdhouse Sound the alarm! This birdhouse is the cutest around. The two-story design of this classic fire station is complete with a fire truck parked in the garage, a clock tower and fireman’s hat on the roof. Birds can enter from a number of spots to make their cozy home. Eucalyptus wood. 9" x 7¼" x 10" high. 10018082 $19.95 I • Golf Course Clubhouse Birdhouse Welcome to the 19th hole! This wooden birdhouse is the perfect resting spot for a lucky bird after a long day out on the green. It has rustic charm and details that every golfer will love, including signage for Divots Grill! Eucalyptus wood. 9½" x 7¼" x 10" high. 10018081 $19.95 J • Barber Shop Birdhouse Your feathered friends will love stopping in for a quick trim! This charming Quick Snips barbershop birdhouse looks like a brick building complete with heart shutters, blue awning and fun little topiaries. Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x 7" x 8½" high. 10018080 $19.95 K • Post Office Birdhouse Special delivery! This post office birdhouse simply could not be any more charming. It features blue and white striped awnings, an American flag waving outside, and a red mail box waiting fo r birdie mail. The entrance hole is on the side, perfect for a lucky little bird to set up shop inside. Eucalyptus wood. 9" x 7½" x 9¾" high. 10018078 $19.95 L • Public School Birdhouse School’s in for a lucky family of birds in your yard! This two- story red schoolhouse has truly delightful details, from its bell tower to the red bike parked by the streetlight outside. You’ll enjoy it just as much as the birds! Eucalyptus wood. 9" x 7¼" x 10¾" high. 10018076 $19.95 29