Big Value Book_Fall 2018 BigValueBook_Fall18 - Page 28

A B A • Beach Hangout Birdhouse Beachcombing birdies will belly up to this adorable wood snack shack! Just like a favorite seaside hangout, complete with straw roof, signs and “barstool” perches. Eucalyptus wood and plywood. 8¼" x 8¼" x 7¾" high. 34715 $16.95 C D B • Jackpot City Birdhouse Cute little casino provides a heavenly lounge for any lucky high-rolling flyers! Whimsically outfitted with classic roadhouse trimmings: dice, chips, roulette wheel and cards. It even rolls out a red- carpet welcome! Eucalyptus wood with polyresin trim. 9½" x 7¾" x 10" high. 38277 $19.95 C • “Nautical Nest” Birdhouse Lovebirds love this lighthouse! Two-tiered walkways and authentic accents perk up this Pennsylvania Dutch style haven. Eucalyptus wood. 7¼" x 5¼" x 12¼" high. 30208 $14.95 D • Woodland Cabin Birdhouse Let the call of the wild welcome birds into your yard with this adorable log cabin birdhouse. Fashioned after a vacation rental in the heart of the wilderness, it features rustic accents, including a moose head sign, rope fencing, and a cute black bear cub on the prowl for a snack. Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x 7⅞" x 8⅞" high. 15281 $19.95 E F E • Biker Bar Birdhouse The birds in your yard will love making this Route 66 biker bar their home! This whimsical birdhouse features all the trimmings of a smokin’ hot highway roadhouse, complete with a motorcycle parked outside and a flame-painted roof. Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x 7½" x 9" high. 10016849 $19.95 F • Winery Birdhouse The “Finch Valley Winery” is a favorite feasting place for flying gourmets! Cleverly detailed wood doors, shutters and mossy roof. Eucalyptus wood and plywood. 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 10⅛" high. 35146 $19.95 28