Big Value Book_Fall 2018 BigValueBook_Fall18 - Page 10

A B WINE BOTTLE Candles Only $12 95 each C D E F H G Enjoy the bouquet... with wine bottle scented candles. Wine Bottle Scented Candles Who says you have to drink to enjoy the bouquet of a good wine? Not us! You can now drink in our Wine Bottle Candle featuring the scent of your favorite wine without taking a sip. The charming green glass container looks like the bottom of a wine bottle, enhancing the winery theme. Enjoy them all without having to worry about securing a designated driver! Lead and tin free cotton wick. Burn time: up to 40 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass container. Each is 3" x 3" x 5" high. A • Rose 12010814 $12.95 B • Sangria 12010813 $12.95 10 C • Chardonnay 12010626 $12.95 D • Pinot Noir 12010812 $12.95 E • Sauvignon Blanc 12010627 $12.95 F • Merlot 12010624 $12.95 G • Pinot Grigio 12010815 $12.95 H • Cabernet 12010625 $12.95