Big Move 21st June 2013

The Big Move 61 weeks before we open the new building what do changing pedagogy to enhance learning you need to do? Welcome to the first weekly e-Newsletter- the Big Move - which, over the next 61 weeks will play a key role in supporting staff to achieve two important goals. The first is the move into the wonderful new building that is beginning to take shape on the Westbrook site. The second goal is to move teaching practice forward so that it fits in with the expectations of today’s learners. Of course both goals are related to each other. We are writing this e-newsletter to keep as many people as possible aware of developments as we move towards both goals. So who are ‘we’? We are the “Shifting Pedagogy - GO-Mad Group” with the task of aligning teaching and learning with the exciting new spaces being developed as part of our new build. See inside to discover what exactly GO Mad is. For the many staff and students who have been eagerly awaiting the new building to emerge their hopes are now being realised. As the floor structures are put in place there are now clear signs of how the building will look and it certainly is impressive. We don’t want anybody to feel left behind so this regular weekly electronic newsletter will make certain that you are up-to-speed with all the developments that are being made to extend the learning offer. Let us know what you think. To contact us email to: