BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°17 - May 19 - Page 92

big life -BIG sibarita L IFE ' S > hotel, gastro & experience SE L E C TION- México sibarita MUY ATRÁS HA QUEDADO LA IDEA DE QUE PARA DISFRUTAR DEL LUJO DEBEMOS SALIR AL EXTRAN- JERO; MÉXICO CUENTA TAMBIÉN CON TESOROS ESPERANDO COMPLACER LOS GUSTOS MÁS EXIGENTES. DESDE ACCESOS EXCLUSIVOS, COCINA DE AUTOR Y CONCIERGES PERSONALES, ESTOS DESTINOS NACIONALES GOZAN DEL PLUS QUE REQUIERE UN TURISMO DE ALTO NIVEL. 1. beovision harmony long gone is the believe we can only find luxury abroad. mexico now has many treasures that can satisfy the most demanding clients. from preferential access to signature cuisine and personal concierges, these national destinations possess that extra something required by upscale tour- ism. > San Miguel de Allende Colonial and Cosmopolitan, this gothic Guanajua- 90 to city has been listed as one of the most beautiful in Mexico and recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2008. The characteristic metal, papier-mâché and blown glass crafts form beautiful and delicate details that contrast with the lavish buildings. 1. Hotel L’Ôtel Dôce 18. Its exclusivity still keeps some of the small-town magic, which makes this Concept House a true jewel. Behind its doors,