BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°17 - May 19 - Page 62

big life arch+design > creativity MOSHE SAFDIE ARQUITECTURA VIVA LOS ESPACIOS DONDE VIVIMOS INFLUYEN SIGNIFICATIVAMENTE EN NUES- TRA PERCEPCIÓN DEL DÍA A DÍA, CADA PARTE DEL DISEÑO DE UN EDIFICIO TIENE UN EFECTO EN NUESTRO ÁNIMO. ASÍ LO SIENTE Y ASÍ LO TRANSMITE. moshe safdie our surroundings influence our perception greatly. every de- signed detail on a building affects our mood. he feels it and projects it.> Always ahead of his time, Moshe Safdie is more than just an architect, he is an artist of construction taking it to new and unforeseen horizons. He loves imbuing life into 60 his buildings. In his work, even the smallest detail gets the point across, loaded with symbolism and essence of their own. Safdie has designed several architectonic works of art overcoming structural challenges of every kind in contrasting environ- ments to make a global impact. The way he masterfully and purposefully integrates