BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°17 - May 19 - Page 42

big life dossier > travel luxury waiting in luxury airport waiting times have evolved to make way for luxury, comfort and pleasure. VIP lounges offer passengers the possibility to feel right at home.> In air travel its´s common to find a long layover or delay before our next flight, which means having to wait in the airport…torture? Not necessarily. VIP rooms in some airports have changed the experience of being stranded in an airport terminal 40 into pleasant time-flying experience. It´s not just comfy chairs or internet Access but lavish rooms where business – and pleasure – travelers can rest, take a shower, ear, re- lax and be ready for their next destination after a unique experience. There are a good number of these rooms around the world, but we will just focus the most attractive ones not only for their amenities but also architectonic beauty, inspiring design and