BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°17 - May 19 - Page 103

and toys for boys > A so un d s i g n ature A sound experience has been enhanced so you can feel. > t he fas t e st folder Designed to be folded in less than 10 seconds. > pa rt ner ship t ribu t e Two exceptional brands that have always products made in Italy. > m ad e it fro m s and Stylish speakers that you do not want to hide in a corner. > ant iqu e c harm For men, will polish off your look with its 4k yellow gold. > e leg a n t le ath e r boxes A stunning set will organise your jewellery and cufflinks. > sne a ke r - s a n d a l hy br id A mix in which things aren’t what they seem in an unexpected way. > e s s e nt ials Exploring concepts within art, design through well-crafted footwear. > M o re t ha n a b aby fo ot A true decorative object that now fits perfectly to your outdoors. > Fo r vo d ka love rs A vodka decanter perfect for ad- ding a decorative touch to the bar. > Whip u p doppi os Enjoy the tradition of using a manual lever machine. 101