BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°17 - May 19 - Page 102

big life shoping cart toys for girls > c ro c het - k nit be lt a fresh take on the brand's iconic crochet-knit accessories. > hard to igno re Covered in crystals, it's sure to be a street-style standout. > f rom yo ur s ma rtph o ne Make all your experiences even more memorable with photos. > m at e l as s é and sli di ng Changing chain between a shoulder and a top handle bag. > wea r ing t ro pic al s t yle Handmade by local artisans in Brazil with a woven wicker form. > 10 -s e co nd T o ot hbru s h This device reproduces for you the technique recommended by dentists. > he alth c a re e n g i n e er ing A first-in-class bioelectronic treat- ment for sinus pain. > f i rst p ro je c ti o n watc h. Inspired by future technologies to create a original timepiece. 100 > ex u des so phist i cat io n Beautiful angles and clean lines blend to create this elegant piece. > E vo cat ive and O rganic A great spa kit, inspired by our oceans and their sustainability. > Sm art m as k Dermal technology for a facial treatment in seconds. > D e rian´s Mari posas An exclusive collaboration with renowned decoupage designer.