BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°15 - March 19 - Page 97

UN MENÚ EXQUISITO EN EL CORAZÓN DE TOKIO HACE DE ES- TAS TRES ESTRELLAS MICHELÍN UN HO- NOR ESPERADO PARA EL MARAVILLOSO RES- TAURANTE L’OSIER DE SHISHEIDO. The exquisite menu of L´Osier by Shiseido in the heart of Tokyo make these three Michelin stars an expected honor. LA LUMINOSIDAD Y LOS TONOS DORA- DOS ARMONIZAN CON LAS TEXTU- RAS Y LOS SABORES DEL MENÚ DE OLI- VIER CHAIGNON. The luminosity and the golden tones harmonize with the tex- tures and the flavors of Olivier Chaignon's menu. space under the concepts of light, comfort and luxury with a 9-meter-high vault that generates a sensation of openness and relaxation achieved with great elegance. The illumination and gold tones of the establishment harmonize perfectly with the textures and flavors in the menu of Olivier Chaignon. The chef´s kitchen focuses in the combinations between ingredients and flavor, flavors more French than in any restaurant in Paris. Nev- ertheless, the visual experience with Japanese influence deliciously competes and complements the French fla- vor. Thus, with three Michelin stars, Chaignon has made L´Osier a great motivation to book a ticket to Tokyo. 95