BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°15 - March 19 - Page 105

and toys for boys > f ollow n o o n e A unique sedan designed for drivers who stand apart. > new & lin gwood Nightwear. Providing the most elegant of gentlemen's nightwear. > espresso m ac hine fo r car Discover the first 12/24v coffee maker using Nespresso®. > co m ing au gu s t 2019 The loudest sound you hear will be your heart racing. Coming soon. > t he be s t image Certified with Dolby Vision. Streaming with Google Assitant > mavi c 2 zo o m See the bigger picture. The latest flagship consumer dron from dji. > want a s i g n e t r i ng ? Lovingly crafted rings designed and created exclusively for you. > clifto n bau m at ic The brand's most technically interes- ting watch gets a complicated update. > dio r ho m m e x bo gard e A bike that complements the French fashion house's gold capsule collection. > le at he r l ace u ps Oxford style lace-ups in calfskin with rich shades of bronze. > cre at e your fun! Why draw in boring 2d when 3d drawing is where it’s at! 103