BIG LIFE Magazine BIG LIFE Magazine Edition N°15 - March 19 - Page 104

big life toys for girls > c ro c het - k nit b e lt a fresh take on the brand's iconic crochet-knit accessories. > alham bra watch Harmoniously combining watch and jewelry Van Cleef's expertise. > f rom yo ur s ma rtph o ne Make all your experiences even more memorable with photos. > gl am o ro u s part y Floral metallic embroidered brocade with a hint of silk for added luster. www.prada.comh > red pa ssio n Curving over the contours of your figure, you won’t want to take it off. > u by m o e ns m art s howe r Has forever transformed showering to create a personalized experience. > after mi d n i g h t g l a sses Part of the label's collaboration with The Row. Silver-tone metal frames. > samsun g g a l a x y s 9 + Infinity display: a near bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen. 102 > l a so m b r a fa n Fique natural fiber and features an intricate design and tassel detail. > cho ke r flowe rs Metal with white enamel and vintage gold finish. Made in Italy. > s po rt girl Doing sports with a confy and chic look is always motivation. > nano cu rrent tech Strike beyond the boundaries of skincare with nanocurrent.