BIG - Buyers Industry Guide BIG Show Guide Cali 2018 - Page 157

WEED THE MENU The more time spent making a decision means less time buying. Helping the customer arrive at the right decision means they can Faster sell-through for learn, choose and purchase faster than through random discovery. your customer and the next one. A smart customer is a fast customer. Faster sell-though means time saved educating the consumer means more time for more people to buy. Instead of hold- ing up the line, or taking time away from the staff, we improve the experience for those who ™ know what they want and are cash-ready. nches Cannabis Product Placement Call (855) 420-MKTG for a custom demo Learning Solutions for Cannabis Customers Call (855) 420-MKTG for a custom demo Call (855) 420-MKTG for a custom (855) demo 420–MKTG 155