BI 101 Homework 6 Park University

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Buy here : http :// student . land / bi-101-homework-6 /
1 . Marfan syndrome follows a pattern of autosomal dominant inheritance . What is the chance (= probability ) that any child will inherit the dominant allele if one parent ( Parent # 1 ) does not carry the allele and the other ( Parent # 2 ) is heterozygous for it ? Provide a clear explanation and complete the Punnett Square below . Be sure to define the letters you use for the two alleles :
2 . Below is a diagram showing the inheritance of an X-linked trait ; the first generation is at the top and the third generation is at the bottom . Describe what this pedigree depicts in terms of gender , presence or absence of the disorder , and what feature ( s ) indicate that the pedigree is for an X-linked trait .
3 . In one experiment , Mendel crossed a pea plant that bred true for green pods with one that bred true for yellow pods . All of the F1 plants had green pods . What does it mean when an organism like Mendel ' s pea plants is true breeding ? Which form of the trait ( green or yellow pods ) is dominant ? Explain how you arrived at your conclusion . This should include the possible genotypes of the parents involved in the cross and those of the F1 generation .
4 . What type of mutation has occurred in the DNA of people with sickle cell anemia ? ( Look back , if you need to , to see what causes sickle cell .)
5 . A man who has type B blood and a woman who has type A blood could have children of which phenotypes ? Explain your answer ; be sure to consider what the possible genotypes are for both parents in your answer .