Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 99

Meeting and parting are a fact of life, we say. We reunite with much joy, and leave with sweet sorrow. Meeting leads to communion, but parting breaks the kindred hearts and leaves a taste of loss within. It can be a physical loss- like losing a limb in an accident- or it can by a psychological loss, like losing a dear one, or love and prestige. Worse, still, is spiritual loss; and the worst experience- as the Psalmist would consider- is the loss of the presence and vision of God. Beatific vision or eternal life with God is the ultimate goal of every Christian. It is the state of eternal bliss. To lose our Father for eternity would be the most gut wrenching loss of all. Such is the fate of a hardened sinner who rejects the divine invitation to the fullness of divine life. As Pope Francis says, “God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking His mercy.” Circling back to our plane journey, we have already landed on the ground. We descended through the clouds, experiencing plenty of jerks until the wheels caught our weight softly. We are comforted and happy to be back. Welcome home. I am sure that all of us have seen videos or films of homecomings of parents and dear ones. What sweet consolation to see soldiers fighting in dangerous wars come back to his child running into his arms! He presses the child so tight to his heart, as perhaps the mother watches from a distance with another toddler in her hands. Finally, they tearfully embrace, and the little puppy even remembers his master! A real homecoming! When we depart the plane, we wish at least a few people goodbye; including the crews waiting at the door. To one or the other, we might even add “see you again.” Yet just like the seat we had just occupied for our journey, our sojourn in this world is really for a limited period of time. During the flight we have full ownership of it; even fighting over it if it was encroached by someone. But once the journey is over, it’s already allotted to a new person ready to take flight. 99