Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 97

Chicago to see the amazing number of planes in motion at any given moment. Each one has its path. Very rarely will they collide, because the human brain has worked it out well. Look at the sky. See the number of stars. Scientists tell us that our own galaxy is one of the smallest ones. Even if we use the best telescopes, there are still stars light years away that we cannot see! How little we know. In 50 years from now, what will be the bank of knowledge added to our reservoir? No Pilot, however experienced, will be allowed to fly the plane as he wants. If the commands of the Control Tower are not respected, great dangers await him. So perhaps this is the simple logic behind Pope Francis’ beaming smile, amidst all of the challenges of life he faces. Only the one who has transcended the barriers of self-preoccupation can focus his mind on the other; only when one defeats the clutch of pessimism and negativity can one fill himself with a tomorrow of joy. Joy, as Pope Francis says, springs from a grateful heart. Joy is the sign of victory over the forces of darkness and death. It is the sign of people who have placed their faith in the Risen Lord. Just like the Christmas we are preparing to celebrate- as I write this note on the first Sunday of Advent in 2018- it is a feast of life; of light scattering all that is dark. Jesus, Emmanuel, means God with us. Like a precious father or friend, we believe in a God who decided to walk with us, and take upon Himself the fragilities of our human condition. When we are loved, we are never alone; when we are loved, we are able to do miracles. Because love, very simply, “is everything. It is eternal, and embraces all things.” (St. Therese of Lisieux). Therefore, keep in good communication with the Control Tower. It keeps your flight on the right path. Keep talking; the black box is recording everything. And that ceaseless communication, chatting with the Supreme Tower, is called prayer. It is nothing but the lifeline between us and our Creator, a simple glance toward the sky, to enable us to fly safely beyond the clouds! 97