Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 95

carry this Cross,” she said with a sigh. I asked her about the number of members in her Congregation. She replied with a heavy heart, “90, Father!” I thought to myself, “Thank goodness I am not yet weighed down under a Cross even with 2400 members!” So, what is the secret behind Pope Francis’ smile? He doesn’t even take summer holidays, yet continues to cruise at a steady speed beyond the clouds. Humanly speaking, how is it possible? Based on my own little experience, I find three possible reasons that accompany his grace from God. First of all, if we love what we do, it is never a burden. When the heart pulses to the Spirit’s cadence, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome; for He would not abandon us in the midst of our mission! Sure, physical and mental tiredness can be there. That is inevitable, but when we act with pure zeal, it reminds of us our littleness, that our works are nothing without God. Let us turn to mothers: I don’t think most mothers consider mothering a burden. She sacrifices everything for her child without counting the cost; even knowing the pain that will be involved as her little one grows older, struggles to find friends, feels lost at sea, etc. She forever loves that baby who is part of herself. There is no burden, even though she may lose her patience every now and then. Everything that happens to her child- good or bad- touches her. When one loves people, they are never a burden to meet them. If a priest loves his flock, he will never be a mere professional who sticks to his office hours. He will go out of his way, loving, caring, and shepherding those entrusted to his care. If one likes to write poems, there is no strain involved in doing it. If one likes to run, he hits the street and find an inner sense of freedom. Such is the same with all of our human activities. Do I love what I am and what I do? Do I love my own life? Do I love God’s creation? Love conquers all barriers. For the one who loves, the little flower in all its glory is able to raise his heart to the One who designed it and experience immense joy. For as St. Pope John Paul II said, it is love that teaches us everything. 95