Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 94

pockets. and be forced to face the unpleasant surprises of life. Then again, that is part of our mortal nature. + The control tower came to mind also because of my own leadership role that I am exercising at the moment. Governing as many as 2,500 persons in 56 countries- in collaboration with many others, of course- can be demanding for various reasons. But when we compare this to someone like Pope Francis- the shepherd of the entire Catholic Church- my role can seem rather insignificant. Nonetheless, I have also realized that managing a Province with 400 members can be challenging; likewise, managing 40 members can be equally- if not more- challenging. In the same way, taking care of a small family of 4 persons- with a father, mother, and two children- is also demanding. It is not the size of the group alone that matters, but the situation of the members, the ability of the leader, the conditions under which ones operates, etc. Each Wednesday morning when Pope Francis rides around on his Popemobile to greet the General Audience, I am always in awe of his simple, smiling face. How can he continue to radiate such joy with all of the responsibilities and tribulations he faces at such an age? It is not that he isn’t aware, or doesn’t get affected, by them. And as he once told the press, it isn’t tranquilizers, either! Rather, our Holy Father shares that he has had “a very special experience of profound peace since I was elected. It does not abandon me. I live in peace. I cannot explain. What I am experiencing is a complete new experience for me. In Buenos Aires, I was anxious, I admit. I felt more tense and worried. My peace is the gift of the Lord.” This divinity enables him to fly above the clouds. = Once, I met a Mother General of a Religious Congregation who talked as though she was carrying a huge cross on her shoulders. “The Lord wants me to 94