Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 83

and with this candle, she lighted that of the whole community. It was, therefore, the half-extinguished little lamp that had produced all these beautiful flames, which, in their turn, could produce an infinity of others and even the whole universe. Nevertheless, it would always be the little lamp which would be the first cause of all this light. How could the beautiful flames boast of having produced this fire, when they themselves were lighted with such a small spark?” I once met a little spark during my Visitation to Hong Kong in June 2018. As part of the trip, I was supposed to meet with the country’s Apostolic Nuncio. When the day finally arrived- to my greatest surprise- my confrere told me he would no longer be able to accompany me to see the Nuncio, as he had another important commitment. Rather, he introduced me to a middle-aged woman from Africa, who landed in Hong Kong as an unemployed migrant. She spoke little English, and was alone and fighting hard to survive in her new country. I had never faced such a situation anywhere in the world; the Rector General being taken to the Apostolic Nuncio by a migrant, whom I had just met for the first time in my life! Not only that, but the confrere gave her a Mass kit for us to celebrate Holy Mass in her apartment! Nevertheless, the poor woman arrived late and I left with her. She knew the city very well, so we took the bus and metro, arriving just in time to meet the Nuncio. His Excellency was a fine person and received me warmly. However, I couldn’t explain to him who the lady- ever so gracious- was. After parting, we proceeded to her apartment for Mass. I imagined there would be some people, but no. Not a soul was in sight except the Chinese workers outside as we ascended to her tiny room in a skyscraper. She made a small altar, placing the cups, chalice, and books, then sat on the floor as I celebrated Holy Mass. On our way to her home, she narrated the harrowing experiences in various countries, and her struggle to carry on. Knowing her story, my heart had great compassion for her, and I prayed to God that He may bless her with all the 83