Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 81

Self-transcendence requires freedom from within through a continuous process of discernment, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. In every way, it’s like flying through the thick clouds until we reach the sweetness of the splendid blue sky. This is the process of enlightenment. As Christians, this activity is carried out with the light of the Holy Spirit, until we shine like a lighthouse of divine splendor. Individuals, communities, and even nations can be caught up in the Bermuda Triangle. We have seen and heard about beautiful children getting into the clutches of drugs, sex, and satanic groups until they are swept in Triangle’s current, leading to total annihilation. We have seen nations getting caught up in particular ideologies leading to massive prejudices and hatred, culminating- at the very worst- into World Wars. Though the power of evil can be tremendous at times, eventually the truth will always prevail, because our King is not of this world. “Love, justice, and peace: this is the Kingdom of which Jesus is king, and which extends until the end of time. History teaches us that kingdoms founded on the power of arms and lies are fragile and- sooner or later- collapse; but the Kingdom of God is founded on love and is rooted in hearts.” (Pope Francis) Yet unfortunately still, we have all witnessed individuals slipping into the bottomless pits. Like the eye of a tornado, the little evil preserved into the depths of one’s heart can grow like a cancerous cell until it begins to destroy the good cells. Hatred, for example, can eat away at the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of the human person. Ironically, a hidden hatred for someone may do more harm to oneself than to others. It is better to clear it off at the earliest- hence, pray for them. Many times, I have come across confreres who find misery in everything. Nobody in the community is good anymore, the Society is going to the dogs, the Church has lost everything, the world is heading towards total self- destruction! Yes, there may be elements of truth in their lamentation. However, we can easily perceive the dark, inner self of that person, the 81