Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 58

who is in a leadership role: calmness or serenity, especially when faced with critical situations. A turbulent, panicking mind can lead to disasters for himself and others. This is all the more true of pilots who only have precious, little time to make a life or death decision. What we call professionalism in secular terms, could be considered the depth of faith or trust in spiritual and psychological language. A display of such calmness and confidence is an exterior manifestation of trust in the Almighty, trust in others, and definitely a trust in oneself. Thanks to psychological studies and personal work on myself, I try to keep observing my own attitudes and behaviours. The moment I become more negative, pessimistic and irritated with people and situations, symbolizes that there is much stress in my life. If I tend to act, relate and decide in that mental situation, I can hurt many people and make many wrong decisions. There is nothing as important as silence and prayer in order to harmonize my fragmented self and spirit. At times, the entire hard drive needs reformatting! There are so many untold stories of the Captain and those in leadership roles. Behind every serious decision, there are many hours of reflection and prayer. Before every good initiative, there are many communications, and moments of dialogue. Likewise, there may also be many moments of misunderstandings and hurt feelings caused by those who boast of their ability to speak loudly and frankly. When some act in a totalitarian manner, it’s hard to digest, and even harder when they have the presumption that they are always right. On the contrary, so, too, do people struggle when they are so sensitive that they fear of hurting someone. Such people suffer all the more, because they suffer from within. In dealing with human persons, we need to gain a lot of wisdom and experience. Mutual respect, dialogue, empathy, listening, courage, trust, are all values required for good leadership. Blessed are those who have found such a delicate harmony of natural and supernatural values! 58