Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 49

Jesus’ heart is the soul of the priesthood; the chamber to which blood only flows when a good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. By losing himself in love, he finds himself! Every now and then, we might find a shepherd who runs away from the wolf, endangering the life of his flock. The calculated attack on the Church by different forces in the world serves as a conscious reminder of the great mission entrusted to us to protect our sheep. As long as there are the Church’s unsung heroes and heroines of charity, the forces of evil cannot overwhelm the Kingdom of Christ. Visiting the numerous destitute houses and orphanages run by religious sisters all over the world show us how many unknown soldiers of Jesus are in action. By serving the poor, the downtrodden, the lepers, and the needy, they believe- as Pope Francis says- they are touching the flesh of Christ. St. Teresa of Calcutta responded to these words of Christ from the Cross: “I thirst.” She is known to the world. But how many other “Mother Teresas” work in their homes! How many priests endanger their lives to make a child smile again, to console the afflicted, to prepare souls for their final flight to the Heavenly Father! The unsung heroes and heroines of Christ! During the many Visitations to communities and individual members around the world, it is clear as crystal which confreres and which communities are guided by the Spirit of God. When one is in cadence with the Dove, his ego diminishes, and the Other becomes visible. He is a transparent being. Moreover, the one who is full of self- worldly and ambitious- may say a hundred things to impress us, but the real fact of the matter is that he is somebody imprisoned within himself. Instead of transcending, he descends into the pit of egoism, marked by self-preoccupation, rivalry, competition, and jealousy. The net result? Neither joy nor peace. But let us not give up on our brothers. Just as a soldier wouldn’t leave his comrade to die on the field if he had a chance at life, neither should we leave the souls of Christ! As Pope Pius XII said, “the rays of His love can conquer 49