Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 44

such moments profoundly distressing. It is as good as sending a 70 year-old fiat car to the cemetery, to be dismantled and destroyed. When we lack humanity, we are as good as cadaver. + The fall of the Berlin Wall was a historical moment for the entire world. It symbolized not only a change in Europe’s political system, but also a change in mentality. Hatred, prejudices and divisions gave way to a better world marked by fraternity, humanity and transcendence. Many walls have been built in the history of the human race, and many more walls will continue to be built. But so, too, will many more walls fall. If we ever suffer from feelings of insecurity, try to recite Psalm 27: “the Lord is my light and Salvation, whom shall I fear?” How beautiful and liberating is our faith! The Pilot of pilots is in command! So, dear friends, enjoy the flight together. Speak to your neighbour and make him or her comfortable. Let us live by the Holy Father’s “culture of encounter.” For though we disembark and go our separate ways, the world in which we live is small. Who knows, we might see each other again. After all, the entire world is nothing but a plane. We are flying together day and night! 44