Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 34

With great difficulty, we fixed the wheel and arrived at the Generalate House of the Sisters of Marian Institute. A few nuts hold together our life, too. They are also limited. How many millions of rotations are made by the wheel during the long drive? But they hold the wheel, and take us to our destination. Have we given attention to our heart pumping blood day and night? We take it for granted until that rhythm is altered. The same thing goes for a car and its wheels. At times, they can fail, too. Yet even in our awareness of that fear, we do not stop using cars. Of course, we must always check and tighten the nuts- that is prudence. But after that, we leave the rest to the One who keeps the entire Universe moving. We put our trust in Him. Thus, our insecurity can be an added reason to feel secure in His Hands. As St. Vincent Pallotti once wrote, "how well did you thank God today?" In a way, it was Bolivia that changed my life to a great extent. On the morning of December 25th, walking through the city, I found a Square with hundreds of small children and people. By the Sisters, I came to know that these children were gathering to wait for the Franciscan Friars, who were going to distribute a few sweets and biscuits. They waited for hours. I saw a lady on a bench sitting with 5 very small children. There was a sort of expressionless look on the face of that young mother, whose children were all so beautiful and friendly. I sat alongside them and took a photo. There was a small boy of about six years holding his younger sister. What magnificent children. But they were hungry, untidy, and poorly dressed in the very cold winter. Don’t those kids have the same right as any kid in another country, where they are covered with toys to play with? Doesn’t this world and its riches belong to them as well? 34