Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 21

turbulence: fear, anxiety, depression, and desolation. Just as a pilot sees bad weather and signals for the seatbelt, so, too, is what happens when we detach ourselves so as to purify ourselves. St. John of the Cross wrote of this movement by drawing a map of perfection. St. Vincent Pallotti did the same. “My God, Not the intellect, but God. Not the will, but God. Not the soul, but God. Not the hearing, but God. Not the smell, but God. Not the body, but God. Not food and drink, but God. Not honours or distinction, but God. God in all things, God forever.” Thus, for the one cooperating with the divine grace, there is always the possibility to fly higher, until he is exposed to the blue sky of the infinite God. Often times, sitting by the window of the plane, my eyes lose themselves to the splendors of which they see; flying through the clouds to a whole world of splendid sunshine pressed upon the blue, unending sky. The wonder of this image has made me reflect a lot. If we take the time to dwell on it, the more we see its meaning for all aspects of our life and mission. 21