Beyond the Clouds by Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. - Page 17

Let us salute the One who flies the entire Universe. Let us clap for the One who pilots our own lives. This is the Almighty, the One true God; to whom with love, we may call our Heavenly Father. St. Vincent Pallotti experienced Him as a God of Infinite Love and Mercy. Love, as we are His most precious creation, born from His own image and likeness. Our soul “was not painted on canvas, it was not made of wood, stone, or metal, but of a living, rational and spiritual substance which has its own characteristics and substantial make-up being created by God.” And Mercy, as He knew we were to be conceived in Original Sin, yet He still gave us life! Thus- as Pallotti teaches us- our “soul, being created by God in His image, is also a living image of His Mercy,” hence why we are “nothingness and sin.” Through both Love and Mercy, God did not abandon us. He sent His only Son, Jesus- the first Apostle- to save us, and give us life everlasting. Which is precisely why Pope Francis says “we need to constantly contemplate the mystery of mercy. It is a wellspring of joy, serenity, and peace.” Love and Mercy are two anthropological realities we are called to face as humans. On the one hand, we must view the preciousness of our being as the image and likeness of God, while on the other, understanding that we are finite and mortal. Here is the ontological and theological foundation for both a healthy self-image and self-esteem. Once we reach such a depth, we begin to remove all protective layers, psychological defenses, and idols of immortality. Emptying ourselves before God is to be left with true inner freedom, because it is only He that fills us. We transcend with the knowledge that there is no need to please others or to make a good impression. We have found the deepest source of security: God loves us as we are. His love is steadfast and remains forever! This is the freedom of being children of God. This is life in the Spirit. To live in such freedom makes us truly humble before God. It is rooted both in 17