Beyond. Health and Wellness Magazine July 2016 - Page 21

Go to 36:21 in the video to watch Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb talk just like a Monsanto operative, claiming the Vermont labeling law is too complex to follow and therefore a federal labeling compromise needs to become law (even if it only requires labeling in machine code that’s unreadable by humans): (bolding added) create some sort of a reasonable standard that manufacturers can... and gives the customer a lot more information is a pretty good thing. Walter Robb, in other words, loves the idea that the new federal mandate would “give manufacturers choice” instead of requiring mandatory, clear labeling. And he praises the compromise just as Monsanto operatives do. It’s a huge WIN for Monsanto, and Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb just can’t praise it enough! Question: What’s your take on is this a bill that should get passed or not? Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb: My view on the bill is that, and I’m pretty intimately aware of it, is that I think it’s an incredible thing that Sen. Stabenow has put together with Sen. Robert, when you take a look at the atmosphere up there on Capitol Hill, that this much was accomplished together. Whether it passes or not is an open question of the next couple of weeks. The alternative is that Vermont goes into effect and then there’s a number of other states behind that, it makes it difficult for manufacturers to be able to label and label to that different standard... and frankly the Vermont bill while it’s... the national bill would have never happened if Vermont had not passed. There just wouldn’t have been the pressure... it’s a very imperfect bill. It doesn’t cover a lot of products, there’s gaps and inconsistencies that ultimately are probably better addressed through some sort of a national standard. And I think the way she’s put the bill together, which is to give manufacturers choices, is I think the marketplace and the customers will take it from here... so obviously, I think she’s done a great piece of work... we are already are out there further with our commitment to full transparency by 2018. We’re not gonna... we’re looking at how these two live with each other, but we’re already past that, but I think in this day and age, to come together, to ACTION ITEM: Go to the Whole Foods Facebook page now and tell them to stop lying Click here for the Whole Foods Facebook page. Tell them to stop lying to their customers. Walter Robb has been caught red-handed, on video, admitting to his support for the Monsanto GMO “fake labeling” law. Yet the Whole Foods social media people just keep on LYING, hoping nobody will notice... Indisputable FACTS about the Whole Foods supported law: It would kill the existing Vermont labeling law (and worse) Even the Politico story was very mild in its description of what this Monsanto / Whole Foods law actually does. Here are some irrefutable facts about the new law: • • • • • The new law would immediately kill the Vermont GMO labeling law due to kick in this Friday, denying the citizens of Vermont the right to know whether they are eating GMOs. It would permanently outlaw state GMO labeling laws nationwide. It allows NO LABELING for up to two years while the USDA figures out what sort of labeling to require. It gives food manufacturers “choices” to use nonhuman-readable labels that can only be read by bar code scanners. This allows food companies to hide the truth about GMOs behind digital machine code. It does not require the GMO labeling of meats or dairy products from animals raised entirely on GMO feed. 21