BeyHealth Quarterly Journal (BHQJ) BHQJ 2018: 001:1 (May 2018) - Page 38

FEEDBACK (and ironical) however, that I have only ever paid partnerships within the health industry and the full rate on one occasion – during my first- amongst cross-sector professionals. It is ever registration for a BeyHealth event. I make important for us all that this is not considered a a point of taking advantage of the ‘early bird’ one-hit wonder! Replicating this formula in promotion in each case, which is always collaboration with other allied health agencies advertised (and can only help to bridge the gap (as well as sometimes, months) in advance! More so, I mend fences) between healthcare professional have also enjoyed two FREE Masterclasses colleagues across the country. Sounds like a with meals included! What’s not to like? tall order, but one never knows! On Reflection In Conclusion online several weeks Oftentimes, the state of the Nigerian health I was recently directed to an old BMJ article, sector leaves one feeling despondent. The highlighting excerpts from Malcolm Knowles’ sector is grossly underfunded, many facilities principles of Andragogy, that is, ‘the art and and resources are obsolete and decrepit. science of teaching adults to learn’. It is Remuneration of health workers is poor, thus remarkable to see just how much the encouraging abandonment of the medical organisers of the BeyHealth Masterclass profession for more profitable ventures within lectures have taken these principles to heart, and outside the country – not forgetting the especially evident in the planning and high migration rate and professional ‘brain implementation of the various elements of each drain’ synonymous with medical practitioners. programme. We are all, after all, adult learners All of this has had the effect of further and developing a culture of lifelong learning is worsening the state of health care in the the very essence of continuing medical country and put a strain on the available education. workforce in its health institutions. Nonetheless, the Masterclass programme affords one the opportunity to meet and engage with medical professionals and enthusiasts as well as old colleagues doing their bit in their little corner of the healthcare sector, which in turn encourages others with hope and doggedness. My personal referral pool of expert clinical resources has become richer and expanded dramatically in size! I daresay that the BeyHealth Masterclass program is a positive influence in moving the I am extremely proud of what we have all health sector forward, doing its bit, one step at achieved together as alumni of the BeyHealth a time, in educating, influencing and engaging Masterclass community. It is a fact that I leave stakeholders throughout the healthcare delivery every Masterclass event with renewed purpose sector. and action points, having refreshed and I do have one further suggestion though. Going improved on existing medical knowledge and forward, it is important for BeyHealth and other skills. The programme consistently exposes organisations with similar ideals to consistently one to current trends in evidence-based organise fora that encourage deliberate medical practice. It provokes one to evaluate networking opportunities for health workers one’s methodology, discuss challenges and and other professionals, in a relaxed and non- share victories on each occasion. academic we I always look forward to the BeyHealth experienced atmosphere, during the such as after-conference Masterclasses lecture series. I believe that I cocktail at the Medicine, Accountability and speak for countless others in stating that Law programme. There is very little doubt that continuing medical education has become for we all felt the influence of the lawyers’ me, not just a matter of accumulating the involvement in that particular conference and required number of CME points or fulfilling long may it continue! the stringent requirements of the MDCN in Networking events such as this will most this regard, but more a question of continuous definitely help to nurture collaborations and improvement and lifelong education and learning. 38 | MAY 2018 | Issue 1