BeyHealth Quarterly Journal (BHQJ) BHQJ 2018: 001:1 (May 2018) - Page 33

REFLECTIONS in, is “…sort your system out!”. It is a mess and individual. Where the immediate need is, the before! With health insurance, on the other if we take a look at it, the only thing that can be money goes – because the patient is the hand, you can do that because it brings in competition. It breaks down the barriers done is to re-engineer it! insured party! The other thing that comes along Implementing health insurance helps by the with this is quality systems because when you between private health care and public magic of money, to create that re-engineering are starting a health insurance system, you health care. because as you implement it you have to put have to bring people, providers and resources One of the speakers mentioned strategic things in place to manage the money. But also, on board. Everyone is stepping into the same purchasing. The government now have to look what it immediately does is to turn the health insurance environment and will have to at – “what are the services that I need to disbursement or flow of money completely the meet a certain set of standards. This will provide and who do I buy them from?”. “How other way round. Right now, the direction is top obviously not be a static standard, but a do I ensure that when I give them my money, down. So you sit, you plan, you prepare a continuous quality improvement standard. they will spend it right?” budget line, you beg the chief executive, some So all of a sudden, there is another systemic Also, health insurance comes with a whole lot of it comes out and some doesn’t. And then change. Both are very revolutionary. Right now, of IT, administration systems, management when it does, it takes another year before they you sort of look at the primary health centre and systems, etc. This means you are basically look at it again. you say ha …it is terrible! …refurbish it! – saying “…I have got this money and I’m With health insurance, the money follows the forgetting we “refurbished” it only 10 years sending it out”. What is the money doing? Issue 1 | MAY 2018 | 33