BeyHealth Quarterly Journal (BHQJ) BHQJ 2018: 001:1 (May 2018) - Page 30

A Point of View 5 “Provocations” of Healthcare Quality Reform Tim Ojo MBBS, MSc, MBA, FinstLM, SFFFMLM, FRCPysch. Dr Tim Ojo is Consultant Adult Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK, and erstwhile Executive Medical Director of the Trust. He was Mental Health Advisor to the South-East Coast Strategic Health Authority between 2009 and 2013 and was recently appointed Associate Registrar for Policy Support at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. I n the four decades since he made his contribute meaningfully to the development of impassioned statement at the dedication his fatherland, preferring instead to offer of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building on the criticisms of a country now totally alien to 1st of November 1977, the quality of him, from a comfortable and seemingly healthcare provided to these groups has unassailable distance. remained a benchmark not just of the moral In response to this I plead, as you might expect, credentials of any government, but also of its “not guilty as charged”. I have, over the past stewardship of the human capital and cultural year or so, had the opportunity to contribute legacy previous and the privilege of giving back to the generations. Any nation in which children die continuing medical education of practitioners in needlessly, where the few who survive to old Nigeria. This has so far, been an incredibly bestowed upon it by age suffer unduly and those in material, social fulfilling experience in itself and I fully intend to or physical need go unsupported is a nation continue over the coming years. The moral test of any government is the way it treats those in the dawn of life – the children, those in the twilight of life – the elderly, and those in the shadow of life – the sick, the needy and the handicapped. “ Hubert Humphrey Jr. (38th Vice President, USA, 1965 – 1969) destined in its current state, to make very Tim has been a qualified Executive Coach since 2008, and is currently Coaching and Mentoring Lead for the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management (FMLM). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (FRCPsych), Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (FInstLM) and Senior Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management. Indeed, the purpose of my deliberate mischief- little progress. making in the first few paragraphs of this article By any recognised measure of socioeconomic is to ignite the burning platform from which to progress, citizens of the Federal Republic of consider the potential solutions to rapidly Nigeria have been considerably underserved improving healthcare delivery and the quality of and disadvantaged by a series of patchy and health outcomes for the deserving people of generally low-quality healthcare provision our great country. standards made available to them over the In the sections that follow, I will be using years. An estimated US$1 billion is spent relevant concepts and models to adduce annually on health tourism for conditions that arguments for how through contextually ought to be treatable at home, a situation applied global solutions with local adaptations, which in most aspirational and well-ordered Nigeria can begin to surmount the numerous societies would quite rightly be considered a barriers that confront it with regard to improving national disgrace. health care quality. So far this might read like the habitual polemic I will attempt to do this through a series of 5 of a privileged lucky brat, who having benefitted “provocations”, from the best of education and professional suggestions training locally available at the time, makes his considered in seeking to improve the quality of way healthcare provision in Nigeria. to the United Kingdom, obtains which about essentially are needs be what to postgraduate qualifications and refuses to 30 | MAY 2018 | Issue 1