BeyHealth Quarterly Journal (BHQJ) BHQJ 2018: 001:1 (May 2018) - Page 2

Editorial Setting out the Stall! Dr Tokunbo Shitta-Bey is a family physician and academic General Practitioner. He is Chief Executive of BeyHealth Consulting and Editor of the BeyHealth Quarterly Journal. “ The drawbacks of our false knowledge economy are observed in the fragile state of civil society. 2 P recisely as it says on the tin, or in this case, on the cover of a glossy 8 x 12 inch 36+ page quarterly journal, this publication is intended to inspire ‘influential thinking on healthcare practice, policy and standards’. One natural form of response to such a grand and ambitious declaration may simply be to ask the question, ‘how?’ One might even be forgiven for conjuring up recollections of countless empty slogans and organisational sound bites, reminiscent of an age of meaningless propaganda and unrestrained self-importance. More to the point however, might be the question, ‘why?’ In an age of increasing globalisation, in which the enduring stature of government diminishes to the credit of the individual citizen on an ascendency of knowledge and power, facilitated by the boundless resources of the information superhighway (as Al Gore famously described the internet in 1994), Africa remains an increasingly uneducated society! The drawbacks of our false knowledge economy are observed in the fragile state of civil society, in the poor quality of our public services and in our failure as citizens to communicate, to synergise, to build consensus and ultimately to lead in a manner for which only a concerted intelligentsia is painstakingly equipped and prepared. The essence of this responsibility is captured as Tim Ojo writes on page 30, about his 5 provocations of healthcare reform. Ola Soyinka lends the voice of a new-found activist to this cry in his interview with Alero Roberts on page 32. The BeyHealth Quarterly Journal (BHQJ) aims to transcend the traditional boundaries of trained professional competencies that separate the intellectual elite and to communicate ideas in a manner that informs, enlightens, questions and provokes critical reflection on a range of crucial socioeconomic issues of importance to our time. | MAY 2018 | Issue 1