Best Practice issue 9

Featuring the DDA’s Annual Conference 12 RCGP accredit e CPD poi d n - 8 clinic ts al NOW ONLY 400 COMPLIMENTARY PASSES REMAINING - REGISTER NOW W: BESTPRACTICESHOW.CO.UK | T: 0207 348 4906 | E: R.KILMARTIN@CLOSERSTILLMEDIA.COM PERSONALISATION OF CARE IN HYPERTENSION CONFESSIONS OF A TIRED GP WHAT I LEARNED WHEN MY PRACTICE FAILED Are you up to date with the latest NICE and British Hypertension Society guidance? Fed up and burnt out. Sound familiar? Dr Holly Hardy reflects on a life-changing decision to resign her GMS contract See page 8 See page 4 By Dr Chris Arden See page 16 Taskforce recommends faster GP referral for earlier cancer diagnosis GPs are already doing a very good job of appropriately referring our patients who we suspect of having cancer, considering the relative rarity of presentations The ambition is that by 2020, 95 percent of patients referred for testing by a GP will be definitively diagnosed with cancer, or cancer is ruled out, and that patients will get this result within four weeks. This will require a significant increase in diagnostic capacity, giving GPs direct access to key investigative tests, and the testing of new models which could reduce the burden and reliance on GPs. HOW TO AVOID THE GOVERNANCE PITFALLS THAT CAN TRIP UP NEW FEDERATIONS As GP practices federate, often forming small companies, they will need a high performing board to Main sponsor: Partners: Sponsors: Dr Holly Hardy BEST PRACTICE 2015 SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS INCLUDE: Patients should be given a guarantee of a cancer diagnosis within four weeks as part of a new cancer strategy for England, a report has recommended The Independent Cancer Taskforce sets out six priorities covering better prevention, swifter diagnosis and better treatment, care and aftercare for all cancer patients which it says in the next five years could result in 30,000 additional patients surviving cancer. Issue 9 • September 2015 The NAPC’s Annual Conference Simon Stevens Chief Executive NHS England The Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health Dr Nav Chana Chair NAPC Dr Gail Collins Medical Director Consultant Paediatrician Dr Nadine Kale Senior GP, Royal Primary Care Sir Sam Everington National Lead - Primary Care-Driven Care Models Professor Steve Field ChiefInsp.ofGeneralPractice, Care Quality Commission Heike Burnett Practice Manager, East Grinstead Currently, patients urgently referred for suspected cancer by their GP need to be seen by a specialist within 14 days of referral, but no guidance exists for when patients can expect to get the results. The report says that the NHS needs a significant increase in diagnostic capacity and calls on NHS England to make it mandatory for all GPs to have direct access to investigations, including MRI and CT scans, by the end of this year. It also says that the new NICE guidelines for suspected cancer, which have lowered the threshold for GP referrals, should be tested out in two or three vanguard sites, to iron out any problems with their implementation. Continues on page 4 provide leadership and direction to the new organisation. GPs can find themselves becoming novice directors but nothing in their medical training will have taught them anything about the implications of a being a company director or the principles of good governance. There are many pitfalls that can trip up the unwary, Justin Cumberlege, a partner and head of the healthcare team at Carter Lemon Camerons, will tell Best Practice delegates. Pitfalls can include: • The statutory stumbling blocks include things like making sure you file any changes to the Continues on page 2