Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 53

#17 Small/Medium Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @coryav U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City Industry: Technology Status: Private U.S. Employees: 33 Oklahoma Employees: 33 Year Founded: 1953 Company Leader: Brad Poarch, Chief Executive Officer F or 65 years, Cory’s Audio Visual has served Oklahoma, and its em- ployees are as loyal to the company as the company is to the state. In a recent survey, 100 percent of Cory’s Audio Visual employees responded that overall, they are satisfied with their employer and 93 percent said most days they look forward to coming to work. The reason isn’t surprising. “Our culture is wonderful. It is fun-loving and supportive. We really do treat each other like family inside and outside the walls,” said Abby Wolfe, director of marketing and communication. “We laugh a lot, and when things go wrong, there isn’t a blame game. There is only learning.” Most of all, she said, culture is client-centered. Every decision, every interaction and every execution is based around what is best for the people Cory’s Audio Visual is serving every day. Employees are also rewarded as brand ambassadors. The Brand Ambassador Program engages employees to recognize fellow employ- ees who are living out the brand values. Incentives include gift cards, branded gear, brand bucks and more. Yearly, one chief brand ambassador receives an extra cash bonus. Employees going the extra mile, exceeding goals and exemplifying the brand values are recognized with trophies each year. In 2017, 35 percent of employees were recognized. The Journal Record Cory’s Audio Visual also pays 100 percent of medical and life insurance premiums for employees and provides sessions with insurance compa- nies that allow employees to shop supplemental insurance including cancer policies, accident policies and more. The family-centered atmosphere is the strongest point, leaders said. The staff often gathers for cookouts, potlucks and milestone celebrations. Cory’s Audio Visual also schedules fun events out of mundane tasks, including companywide painting parties, contests for basic chores like cleaning and more. “When one of our account managers battled skin cancer, we launched a social media campaign to raise money for a national research organi- zation focused on skin cancer,” said Wolfe. “Not only did we achieve our goal, many members of our team matched the donation out of their own pocket. During higher levels of stress, the company often treats employees to field trips, including ice cream runs, team lunches and activities like a group outing to the Escape Room. “What I think is really cool is our tradition of gathering after a long, hard day,” Wolfe said. “On any given Friday at 4:30 p.m., you can find the break room completely full gathered around a keg of beer and good conversation. Yes, we have kegs in our break room.” 2018 Best Places to Work 53