Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 47

#11 Small/Medium Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @allegiancecu U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City Industry: Banking Status: Nonprofit financial cooperative U.S. Employees: 72 Oklahoma Employees: 72 Year Founded: 1963 Company Leader: Amy Downs, President and CEO A llegiance Credit Union, founded in 1963 as Federal Employees Credit Union, was one of the original tenants of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 that killed 18 employees, the credit union reinvented itself, became a community charter and lat- er changed its name to Allegiance Credit Union – or ACU in short. The financial institution’s new name symbolizes its allegiance to its legacy and commitment to Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities. Today, ACU offers a range of benefits, including a 4 percent profit share for each employee and an additional match on contributions. Employees are offered health care, up to 26 vacation days and 13 sick days a year as well as the day off for his or her birthday. Other perks include nap room, chair massage, tuition reimburse- ment, personal use of the event space for family parties and milestone anniversary celebrations that include lunch with the CEO, a shopping spree and an all-staff celebration. “Our purpose is to inspire and empower our employees by fostering a workplace that encourages their financial well-being and personal growth,” said ACU President and CEO Amy Downs. The credit union’s service initiatives include an employee-run philanthropic program, ACU Cares, which has been the benefactor to The Journal Record several nonprofit organizations including Sunbeam Family Services and Oklahoma Project Woman. ACU also has a Mystery Encourager program through which em- ployees provide encouraging notes, treats for special milestones or occasions and share inspirational quotes to a different employee every six months. “Providing affordable health insurance plans that meet employees’ specific needs, hosting regular in-house activities that foster employee camaraderie, and sponsoring the occasional food truck and office chair massage is ACU’s way of showing appreciation to such a dedicated staff,” Downs said. Noting that employee input provides crucial information for ACU’s growth and success, Downs meets with each employee on a rotating basis. “Our promise of cultivating friendly people who give smart service has not only created an efficient, competitive work environment, but a workplace that includes a spirit of innovation and creativity,” she said. “ACU is very intentional about providing the best service for its mem- bers and the best work environment for its employees. Promoting a positive culture that includes trust, support and a focus on maintaining work/life balance is paramount.” 2018 Best Places to Work 47