Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 44

#9 Small/Medium Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @SafetySkills U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City Industry: Technology Status: Private U.S. Employees: 53 Oklahoma Employees: 53 Year Founded: 1993 Company Leader: Trey Greene, President and CEO S afetySkills develops online competency-based environmental, health and safety, and human resources training courses for organizations in a variety of industries. Since December 2017, the number of employees at the Oklahoma City-based company has grown by 29. That growth and success is attributed to the unique and creative work environment SafetySkills founders Trey and Jill Greene have worked endlessly to cultivate. “Each director at SafetySkills is transparent, understanding and flexible. Employees are never treated like a number, but rather a critical contributor to the company’s success,” said Amy Yerabek, director of human relations. “Co-workers become friends, and the directors make it their top priority to create and nurture a positive work environment. The work-life balance is a huge benefit to work- ing for SafetySkills. Employees do not feel like they must sacrifice their personal lives for their work life.” Employees are permitted to wear office-appropriate athletic wear if they commit to 30 minutes of activity per day during their provided breaks. Daily group walks are held at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to promote employee health and relieve stress buildup during peak times of the workday. The company also pays half of the employee’s 44 2018 Best Places to Work Anytime Fitness gym membership. In addition, most employees are offered a standing desk, so that they can be in their most comfort- able position and can practice proper ergonomics to relieve workday stress. Company perks include free quarterly companywide professional massages, monthly company meals prepared and served by Chef Bo Taylor as well as a stocked professional espresso machine every day. In addition, the office assistant bakes fresh cookies every Wednesday as a special treat. Employee recognition is also a big part of the SafetySkills culture. Each quarter, all departments are recognized for their efforts with a large office lunch and special treats, including drawings and give- aways. Free vacations are given to the top-earning account executive and business development representative at the end of the fiscal year. “We pride ourselves on our unique culture and understand that our employees are the lifeblood of the company,” said Trey Green, president and CEO. “SafetySkills leverages each employee to be the best they can be by providing the essentials plus more to ensure everyone is set up for success.” The Journal Record