Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 39

#5 Small/Medium Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @priceedwards U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City Industry: Real Estate Status: Private U.S. Employees: 194 Oklahoma Employees: 163 Year Founded: 1988 Company Leader: Ford Price Jr., CEO A t Price Edwards & Company, employees cooperate and are accountable to one another, always realizing operating divi- sions working together as a team is more effective than one person or one department working as separate business units, said Jim Fiedler, chief financial officer. Founded in 1988, Price Edwards & Company has handled more than $5 billion of sales and leasing transactions for office build- ings, shopping centers, industrial complexes, apartment projects and a wide variety of land. The Oklahoma City-based commercial real estate services firm manages more than 100 commercial assets across the state, in Arkansas and Mississippi. Services also include a full-service construction division. Employees are at the heart of this success, and the company invests in its employees in a variety of ways. Annual bonuses and summer and winter events with door prizes are two big hits among employees. Employees say the company’s Evolution Program and Employee Disaster Program are other rea- sons they love working for Price Edwards. The company’s Evolution Program allows its insured employees and family members access to MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, lab work, surgery, specialty care, therapy, pain management, etc., at abso- The Journal Record lutely no cost to the employee or insured member “The company pays 100 percent of the cost. This benefit has saved our employees a significant amount of money and has allowed them to seek the medical treatment and care that they need without having to save money to cover their deductibles and co-insurance,” said Lawrie Tunnell, human resources director. “It’s a win-win solution and we are very pleased to be able to offer this benefit to our employees and their families.” Another way Price Edwards helps out its employees is through its Employee Disaster Program, which assists with employee and family financial needs. To help fund this program, all employees and family members are invited to participate in the creation of a company cookbook. All proceeds go to the Employee Disaster Fund. Employees as well as their family members are also encour- aged to participate in an annual company Safety Poster Contest, where participants win cash prizes. A company calendar is created using all the participants’ posters. In addition, the company’s Safety Incentive Program offers paid scratch-off cards for timely completion of required training and safety recognition in weekly announcements. 2018 Best Places to Work 39